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Embedding PDF Files

Here are some quick steps on how to embed a PDF file into one of your content pages:

1. Upload the PDF to your FileBrowser.

2. Go to the Content Page you would like the PDF to be displayed on and click the image upload icon and click the “Insert” button next to your pdf. Don't click the “Ok” button. You would need to copy the url of the pdf file.

3. You would take the copied url, go to the source code icon <> in the editor and add in in this code after the <embed src=“ part:

Example Code

  <p><embed src="" width="100%" height="800" internalinstanceid="22" /></p>


The specific dimensions used in this example work well on a Blank Template Content Page. You also have the option to adjust the width and height of the box that contains the PDF. In the above example the width is set to 100%, and the height is set to 800px, you can set these numbers to better suit the needs on your site.

If you want to add a lead capture form to pop up on the page first, then you would need to go to your content page and create a custom capture form for that page. To learn how to create custom content forms, click here.

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