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 {{::​pdf2.jpg?​700|}} {{::​pdf2.jpg?​700|}}
 +**3. You would take the copied url, go to the source code icon <> in the editor and add in in this code after the //<embed src="//​ part:**
-**3. Click the Source code button located in the Content Editor.** 
 +====== Example Code ======
-**4Paste the example code below replacing '​EXAMPLE'​ with the URL of your PDF file.**+    <​p><​embed src="​https://​​rg-test-brittany/​checklist.pdf"​ width="​100%"​ height="​800"​ internalinstanceid="​22"​ /></​p>​
-**5. Click Save when done.** 
-====== Example Code ====== 
-    <object data="​https://​​........"​ type="​application/​pdf"​ width="​100%"​ height="​800px"></​object>​ 
 ====== Notes ====== ====== Notes ======
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