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 +====== Custom Capture Forms ======
 +<​html><​iframe width="​960"​ height="​540"​ src="​http://​​embed/​rz4BZXa42LU"​ frameborder="​0"​ allowfullscreen></​iframe></​html>​
 +Customize text and images on a signup form to create landing pages for your site's content. ​ After a bit of configuration a custom capture form will be displayed on a //Page// if you attach //?view// to the page's URL or if you select the //Require Capture// option on the page.
 +To create a custom capture form, find the //Content Page Capture Forms// link in the //Capture Form Configuration//​ section of your site's administration backend.
 +Then click the //ADD CONTENT PAGE CAPTURE FORM CONFIGURATION//​ link on the right side of the screen.  ​
 +===== Configuring a capture form =====
 +These options are customizable on a capture form:
 +  * **Name** - give your capture form a name so you can tell it apart from other capture forms you create later.
 +  * **Source** - optional source to assign to leads signing up on this capture form.  This is the list of sources from your Lead Manager account.
 +  * **Source override** - optional. ​ A new source will be created and will be assigned to leads signing up on this capture form.  This takes precedence over the **Source** field.
 +  * **Logo** - optional. ​ Custom capture forms will use your site's logo by default. ​ If you would like to use a different logo, choose it here.
 +  * **Title** - Bold header text for the top of the capture form
 +  * **Text** - This text will go immediately below the title text
 +  * **Capture Form Fields** - Leads are required to provide this information to signup.  ​
 +  * **Button text** - This text will appear on the //Submit// button.
 +  * **Footer** - deemphasized text displayed below the Submit button. ​ Useful for office addresses or phone numbers
 +  * **Background image** - the image to display behind the capture form.  Choose one of the supplied image or upload an image in the **Background image override** field.
 +When you've finished configuring a capture form, click "​Save"​
 +==== Assign a Capture Form to a Page ====
 +Now that you've created a capture form, assign it to a Page.  You can assign a custom capture form to //Agent Landing Pages//, //Area Pages//, and //Content Pages//​. ​ You can not assign custom capture forms to //Market Reports//, //Valuation Pages//, or //Coming Soon Pages// - these page types have their own capture forms. ​ Find the //Capture Form Options// section towards the bottom of the page while editing a //Page//.
 +From here you have a few decisions to make:
 +  * **Capture form** - choose an already created capture form or create a new one.
 +  * **Require capture** - if you select this option, leads will be required to signup before viewing the page.
 +  * **Lead capture search** - Leads signing up via this page will get a Saved Search with these criteria.
 +  * **Send autoresponder** - if this box is unchecked, the welcome email will not be sent to this lead.
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