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Follow Up Process

-Internet Script

-Voice mail Script

-Email Follow Up - Tried Reaching You

-Email Follow Up - Active Lead

-Email Follow Up - Favorited Property

Here is the way you should be working the system to do more business:

1. Call the lead asap!! If you get them live use Internet Script to Qualify and educate. (you should also know how the website works so you can assist them)

2a. If you do not get them leave a message using oice mail Script 2b. Send them an email from your Template Email

3. I would also schedule a follow up to call them at least once or twice. If you do not reach them use the Voice mail Script once more and no need to send another email.

-Note - If the number is bad, but the email appears to be good then send them an email from your Template Email

4. Make sure you are following up daily on anyone adding favorite properties. There is a link you can clink on from the “Daily Follow Up reminder Email” you get from the lead manager. Call them and also send “Template: Favorite Property Added Follow Up: email if you do not reach them.

5. Also search Activity today and sort start date by oldest to newest and call them and also send “Template: Active Lead Email Follow Up: email if you do not reach them.

Sidenote: Change names and websites in the scripts as you see fit.

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