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(Weighted) Geographic Round Robin

What is it?

The Weighted Geographic Round Robin feature allows a site owner or manager to automatically assign leads to individuals based on two factors: geographic location and a weight. Put simply, if a lead comes in that is interested in a particular region, that lead will go to the agent assigned to that region. If there are multiple agents in a region, it will use the weight to distribute the leads appropriately between any number of agents. The Non-Weighted Geographic Round Robin does the exact same thing, but it assumes everyone has the same weight and will divide the leads evenly among every agent assigned to a region.

This feature is for any site owner or manager who has multiple agents and who assigns leads based on region.

Before Getting Started

There are a few basic restrictions that we need to understand before we can get started. In particular, you can have multiple agents assigned to a region, but you can not have multiple regions assigned to an agent.

Example Scenario

Lets say we have five counties in our MLS: Sarasota, Pinellas, Manatee, Hillsborough, and Charlotte. We additionally have 4 agents working under us: Matthew, Mark, Sarah, and Cletus. We have a very good working relationship with these fellows, but Cletus is our half-cousin twice removed that lived under power-lines all of his life. He's a great guy, but you can't always rely on him to jump on leads when you give them to him.

Good Use-Case

As agents ourselves, we are able to deal with most of these leads, but cannot get to houses in the Sarasota region easily, so we want to always assign these leads to Mark and Cletus, who live in the area. Because Cletus is a bit unreliable, we'll give him a lower weight than the other agent in the area, Sarah. If we assign Cletus a weight of 1 and Sarah a weight of 5, Sarah will receive five times the number of leads that Cletus will.

Bad Use-Case

We want to divide the properties as presented in the Good Use-Case, but because Sarah is so good, we'd also like her to get leads from the Pinellas county which currently has all of the leads assigned to Mark. This won't work, because Cletus shouldn't have access to the Pinellas leads; and conversely, Mark shouldn't have access to Sarasota leads. The listings from one of these counties will need to be manually assigned.

If its not a problem that the agents intermingle, we can make a new hybrid region out of Sarasota and Pinellas, which we'll call Sarasota/Pinellas. This can then be divided among all three agents. This requires a bit of setup and cannot easily be maintained. However, if you don't see these regions changing much, that is something we can configure for you.

Getting Started

If you would like to use this feature, you'll need to decide how you would like your regions divided. In Hawaii, for instance, we divide our regions based on the county (which are conveniently all separate islands). If you would like to combine regions, you will need to communicate that to us, so we can set it up for you.

The best way is to fill out our support form with a list of the regions you see and search, and how you'd like them to show up in the backend.

Example Request

Hi Realgeeks,

I would like to use the Geographic Round Robin feature, can you please divide up my counties as follows?

* Sarasota → West Side
* Pinellas → West Side
* Manatee → East Side
* Hillsborough → East Side
* Charlotte → East Side


Joe Everyman

Once we receive and process your request, you can login to the Lead Manager and begin setting up your lead assignment. In the Lead Manager, click on Settings and then Lead Assignment to begin this process. You can select the type of round robin you would like to use, using the drop down, then you should see a list similar to the one below.

Adjust the region and weight on the agents you would like to include in the round robin. Any agents not assigned a region will be left out of the automatic distribution of leads and will need to be manually assigned leads. Additionally, any region not included in the round robin selection, will need to have its leads manually assigned to an agent. Once you're finished, you should see something similar to below.

In the example above, Cletus and Sarah are splitting the leads assigned to Sarasota County. Compared to Cletus, Sarah is getting five times the number of leads. Mark is getting all of the leads assigned to Pinellas county. Finally, Andrew (me) and Matthew are not included in the round robin at all. They will need all of the leads manually assigned to them.

Finally, you will see an Idle Lead Reassignment section. This is useful for when you want to reassign leads that aren't getting acted upon quickly enough. If you take Cletus and Sarah for instance, Sarah may get overwhelmed with the number of leads she's responding to. You can simply enter in a grace period into the /Hours Until Idle/ field of say, 5, for five hours; this will reassign any lead that doesn't get acted on within five hours to another other person in the region. If there are no other people in the region, this will simply leave the lead in the original agent's assigned leads.


My idle lead reassignment isn't working. Am I doing something wrong?

99% of the time, this is because the Enabled/Disabled field is set to “Disabled”. Additionally, if there are no other agents assigned to the region of the lead in question, that lead will have nowhere to go and won't move.

Can I distribute my leads based on city / zip code?

Yes, but we wouldn't advise it if it isn't the top-level search field on your search forms. Because you don't necessarily have to select a city or zip code to perform a search – you'll have many leads that won't get thrown into the round robin. Which is totally okay, you just won't reap the full benefit of automatically assigned leads.

How do I figure out how many leads each of my agents will get if I have more than one in a single region?

Take the weight of one of your agents and divide it by the total weight of all of the agents in that region, then multiply by 100. That number represents the percentage of leads that will go to that agent.

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