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-**Real Estate Agents 1st Contact with Customer 
-or Following up on an Email Request from prospect.** 
-Hi, Prospect Name my name is Jeff manson with – Home Sales San Diego. ​ I am calling to follow-up with you to see if there is anything we can do to help or answer any real estate questions for you. 
-I understand you are interested in: 
-MLS # ____________ Etc… 
-(Repeat Answer Back) 
-1. Would you like to schedule an appointment to see it? (Local buyer) 
-2. If not available---Unfortunately the property you inquired about is already in escrow. ​ 
-3. We are in a steady real estate market and some properties are selling quickly. ​ The good news is we are getting 98% of our clients offers accepted, even when there are competing offers. 
-4. Are you already working with a RE agent, or do you need our help? (RAB) (If yes, go on)  If No go to #5 and then end conversation. 
-5. Here’s what we do to help our clients: 
-  * • We will show you every property available that meets your parameters or criteria….. 
-  * • If we do not find a home on the initial search we will watch the market daily and notify you as new listings come available….. Because the good ones are selling fast, we need to jump on these properties quickly ….. 
-  * • After a while if we are still not finding you the right property, we will knock on doors, send out mailers and make telephone calls to locate a property that is not yet on the market…. The good news is if we find a property that way you will not be competing with the other buyers in the market place ….. 
-  * • Even more good news our services are free, the seller pays our commission…… 
-  * • The only thing we ask for is a commitment from you….. 
-  * • Does that sound like something you are interested in? 
-6. What type of property are you looking for? SFR or Condo/​Townhouse? ​ 
-7. What price range? (RAB) 
-8. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? 
-9. Do you have a specific area in mind? 
-10. Are you relocating here or is this a second home? (RAB) 
-11. When are you planning to make the move?  ​ 
-12. How soon are you expecting to purchase something here? (RAB) 
-  * • Now, within 3 months? (continue) 
-  * • 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, retirement, don’t know?  As I mentioned to you before the market is steady and some properties are selling quickly… so what’s available now will not be available when you are ready. ​ Our website has every property for sale here in San Diego Countyand is updated daily by the realtors computer, the MLS.  It will also send you new listings that come available that match your search profile. Please feel free to continue to use the website as a tool and when you are ready to purchase something, feel free to contact us through the website. We look forward to helping you in the future. 
-13. Have you contacted a loan officer about your financing? (RAB) 
-  * • If No or?  Unfortunately in this market the seller will not even look at your offer if you are not pre-approved for a loan. (recommend: Lender) 
-  * • If I know I Qualify? I am sure you do and unfortunately in this market the seller will not even look at your offer if you are not pre-approved for a loan. (recommend: Alan Fentriss - Lender) 
-  * •  
-  * • If yes. 
-  * • Who are you working with?  Gather info for when you make an offer. 
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