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Import Leads

The Bulk Import Tool is great for uploading many leads into the lead manager at the same time.

You can import leads even if the site is not yet live.

How do I import leads?

  1. Go to your Leads tab and select the New button located at the top-right corner
  2. Click on the Bulk Import button.
  3. Look to the left side of the screen under “Okay, let's get started!”
  4. Prepare your CSV file.
  5. Press Choose File, select your file and press Open.
  6. Double Check your file and check off the box acknowledging this.
  7. Press the Import button.

Exported CSVs from the following companies will work automatically

  • CInc
  • Market Leader
  • Top Producer
  • BoomTown
  • Follow Up Boss
  • Tiger
  • Zurple

How do I prepare my CSV file?

1. Download the Template CSV file from the Bulk Import Page. If you do not have either Numbers or Excel on your computer, the download will not work properly.

2. Each lead imported requires AT LEAST ONE of the following to be present:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone - These formats are acceptable:
    • (111) 111-1111
    • 111-111-1111
    • 111 111 1111
    • 111.111.1111
    • 1111111111
  • Type (Roles) - accepts values from the system as well as the custom values you create:
    • Buyer
    • Seller
    • Buyer and seller
    • Renter
    • <any custom type you create>

3. Optional columns:

Not Required Columns

  • Type
  • Assigned Lender
  • Alternate Phone
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Fax
  • Office Phone
  • Important Notes
  • Second Contact Name
  • Second Contact Email
  • Second Contact Phone
  • Status
  • Timeframe
  • Wrong Number
  • Area
  • Urgency
  • Bad Email
  • Home Email
  • Home Type
  • Source Details
  • Minimum Bedrooms
  • Minimum Bathrooms
  • Minimum Price
  • Maximum Price
  • Square Footage
  • Start Date
  • Last Active At
  • Last Communication At
  • Last Favorited Property At
  • Last Shared Property Via Email At
  • Last Property Valuation At
  • Number Of Searches
  • Opted Out Contact
  • Opted Out Notifications
  • Opted Out Texting
  • Average Property Price
  • Tags

4. Insert more information into the additional columns provided. Do not create your own columns as the Lead Manager will no longer recognize the file's format.

Keep in mind that the values in the example CSV template are placeholders and the CSV upload will not work if you do not have an agent named “Some Agent” and a lender named “Some Lender”.

5. Export to CSV. Double check your advanced options to ensure that Unicode (UTF-8) is selected for the Text Encoding field. This is what it looks like on Numbers for Mac:

What if my upload wasn't accepted?

A reason the upload doesn't complete include:

  • The CSV file is not using UTF-8 character encoding.

Why are some of my leads not created?

  • The email is invalid or not unique
  • The Assigned Agent doesn't exist
  • The Assigned Lender doesn't exist

Still need help? Please Contact Support! We'll be happy to assist.

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