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Weighted Round Robin

What is it?

The Weighted Round Robin feature allows a site owner or manager to automatically assign leads to individuals based on the weight assigned to the agents. There are three tabs to indicate the different round robin agent settings available for Property Searches, Property Valuations and Third Party Sources.

How does it work?

Lisa, Bill, Debbie and Sam work at XYZ Realty. They've decided that agents with the most seniority should receive a greater share of the leads that come through their website. Lisa, the owner, sets up their lead assignment under the Round Robin section by selecting “weighted round robin” as the type. She then adds the numbers as follows:

As you can see, the numbers are not percentages and do not add up to 100. In the example above, for every 1 lead that Debbie gets, Bill gets 5, Lisa gets 9 and Sam gets 6. You could also arrange it so that only selected agents receive more leads while everyone else is set to 1.

If an agent goes on vacation, or decides not to receive website leads, simply set their status to “Not Available” on all tabs where the round robin feature is enabled.

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