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 +====== Lead Manager Custom SMTP Settings ======
 +The Lead Manager allows you to enter your own SMTP settings if you do not want to use our [[screencasts:​gmail_integration|GMail Integration]] option.
 +To use your own email server to send email from the Lead Manager you must unlink from GMail in the   ​[[https://​​settings/​email_integration|Email Integration Settings Page]].
 +{{ :​lead_manager:​smtp_empty.png |}}
 +First, enter your email address and password and we will try to figure out the SMTP settings for you.  If the settings are configured correctly you will see a success message.
 +{{ :​lead_manager:​smtp_success.png |}}
 +If however the settings are not correct, look at the error messages and try to change the fields accordingly. ​ Click "​save"​ to try them again. ​ Her is a [[http://​​esupport/​article.jsp?​sid=33462&​cv=820#​fbid=AmuUrP0jrec|list of SMTP settings]] for many common email providers if you are unsure of what the correct settings should be.
 +{{ :​lead_manager:​smtp_error.png |}}
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