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 +====== Lender User ======
 +We have added a new feature to help our customers who are working with a lender. ​ You can now add a new type of user: Lender User.
 +If you are an admin and want to assign a lead to a lender, you can do so by changing the lender dropdown: ​
 +===== Add Lender =====
 +At the moment, a user can only be designated as a Lender when they are created. ​ If you have any existing lenders using Lead Manager already and don't want to create new accounts for them, contact us for help migrating them.
 +To add a Lender user, you would:
 +  - Login to your Lead Manager account
 +  - Go to the **Users** tab
 +  - Click on the **New User** button
 +  - Enter the email address of the lender user
 +  - Change the **Role** field to **"​Lender"​**
 +{{ :​lead_manager:​new_user_-_lender.png |}}
 +===== Assignments =====
 +Leads can be assigned to an Agent and a Lender independently of one another. Only one agent and one lender can be assigned to a lead. 
 +Lenders also have their own round robin settings.
 +{{ :​lead_manager:​lender_round_robin.png |}}
 +===== Activities =====
 +Lenders and Agents can add activities to leads, and can choose to have the other assigned Agent/​Lender notified when they do.
 +Lenders are the same as Agents, except that they don't have the following features enabled:
 +  * text messaging and phone call routing
 +  * autoresponders
 +  * third-party integrations (Top Producer, Infusionsoft,​ MailChimp)
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