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-====== Pinterest ====== 
-Pinterest is an interesting new service that allows you to make collections of images from websites you're browsing. ​ This has a lot of neat ways that could help you gain leads in the future: 
-  * It gives potential clients another means of getting to your site. 
-  * You can build collections of home styles, that will allow potential clients to easier browse your selection in a clean and adaptive layout. 
-  * Your potential clients can now build their own collections of potential homes and assuming they'​re not private collections,​ you can perhaps begin to better understand what they'​re looking for in a new home. 
-====== Verifying your new account ====== 
-  - Log into Pinterest (https://​​login/​). 
-  - Hover over your name in the top right and click on "​Settings"​. 
-  - Scroll down until you see the website field and input your URL (ie. 
-  - Then click on validate website. 
-  - A pop-up will appear providing you with a meta tag that you will need to copy.  {{:​misc:​pinterest02.png?​direct&​600|}} 
-  - ** NOTE: Do not leave this screen. ​ It needs to remain open until we have finished validation! ** 
-  - Contact Real Geeks Support and let the agent know that you are going through with Pinterest verification. 
-  - Include in your message to support the copied meta tag provided by Pinterest. 
-  - The agent will insert the meta tag into your website'​s header and contact you when the process is complete. 
-  - Return to your other browser tab/window and click the "​Complete Verification"​ button to complete validation. 
-Congratulations! ​ You're done!