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-====== ​ Real Geeks Website Content/​Site Development ​ ====== 
-- Notes, Ideas, and Examples 
-* Use a free HTML content manager such as Seamonkey Composer - package includes a browser, email, address book etc - just ignore them and use the Composer which is accessed from the middle icon in the menu in the LOWER LEFT bottom of the application. 
-(Allows you to have info and content ready to paste into Real Geeks Content Editor) 
-  * One method is to pick latest listings sort on property display tool - display 3-6 (less is better in smaller areas/​subdivisions). Make sure you are not duplicating other sites in your area. 
-  * Build Sidebars First (keep track of your links), then build area & content pages 
-  * Look to cluster sidebar links around regions/​communities/​areas 
-  * Build pages of same type together - then move on to next category of page development (e.g. all regional pages, all community/​city pages, all subdivision pages for a given community, etc) 
-  * Don't miss opportunities to build multiple pages for same area (regional/​community page, foreclosure page, starter home page, luxury home page, homes with pools, golf course homes, etc - many opportunities) 
-  * Setup a link from bottom navigation menu to a page or additional pages of information (more for Search engines vs. human navigation). ​ Landing page from these links would then have general content & sidebar with links to all other subpages (e.g. Luxury Homes in Austin landing page linking to luxury home pages for each community) 
-  * Override picture and customize the area & content pages for better conversion. 
-  * Review details on http://​​ for additional suggestions 
-Setting Up Page Titles & Descriptions Template 
-Example: Meta Title: ​   Lakeway Real Estate - Homes for Sale - MLS Listings 
-Example of 4 different descriptions: ​ 
-Meta Description 1: Lakeway real estate market trends, 
-      search all Lakeway MLS listings including foreclosure homes for 
-      sale, condos and land on 1 easy to use website. 
-Meta Description 2: Search all Lakeway MLS listings 
-      including foreclosure homes for sale, condos and land on 1 easy to 
-      use website. Review Lakeway real estate market trends and housing 
-      statistics. ​ 
-Meta Description 3: Latest Lakeway housing market and real 
-      estate market trends, search all Lakeway homes for sale including 
-      all available MLS listings on 1 easy to use website. 
-Meta Description 4:  Search all Lakeway homes for sale 
-      including foreclosure homes for sale, condos and land on 1 easy to 
-      use website. Review Lakeway housing market statistics and 
-      Market Trends. ​ 
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