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-Welcome to the Real Geeks Documentation - [[http://​​support/​|Real Geeks Support Form]]+Welcome to the Real Geeks Documentation - [[http://​​support/​|Real Geeks Support Form]] ​ 
 +**Support Contact Number**: 808-261-0616 option 2 (Monday-Friday 8AM-8PM CST)
 ======= Getting Started ======= ======= Getting Started =======
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   * Optimizing the account   * Optimizing the account
 +Pull in keywords of your lead's source, [[lead-source-google-keywords|click here]]
 +If you need an example, Kendra goes over step by step on how to set it up in the youtube video above (skip to around 13:50).
 ===== Lead Tracking / Google Analytics ===== ===== Lead Tracking / Google Analytics =====
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