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Advanced Widget API


Integrating widgets into your site also involves integrating the style of the widgets as well. This page documents the advanced options available to agents wanting to customize their widget to fit in their external sites.


  • Installed a base widget based off of the sample in widgets
  • Basic knowledge of javascript code


Add any of the options outlined below to the RG_WIDGET_SETTINGS map.


Option Key (Type) Possible Values Effect
button_style (string) “ADRHI”,“ADR”,“NR”,“STEVE”,“GELLEN” Changes button style (see ButtonStyles)
button_size (integer) Changes pixel height of button
button_color[1-6] (hex) “FF0000”, “AB0110”, etc. Changes button colors
button_font_size (integer) Changes pixel height of button font
button_padding (integer) Changes pixel width of horizontal padding
external_css (url) “”, etc. Attaches an external stylesheet


  • We don't have a system in place that automatically renders new buttons, so if you pick a button size/color combination that doesn't exist, your button won't get styled unless you open a ticket with us. (Yes, we're working on this)
  • commas (,) need to separate each key:value pair
  • there should be no comma after the last key:value pair (this breaks Internet Explorer)
  • string values need to be wrapped in quotes (e.g. “string value”)
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