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 <​html>​ <​html>​
-<​style>​ p img { box-shadow: 0px 0px 17px #888888 } </​style>​+<​style>​ 
 +p img { 
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 ====== Zillow and Trulia ====== ====== Zillow and Trulia ======
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 Real Geeks integrates with Zillow using their [[https://​​agent-resources/​trends-and-data/​tips-and-advice/​how-to-set-up-zillows-tech-connect/​|Tech Connect program]] so leads generated from Zillow or Trulia can be sent automatically to the Lead Manager. Real Geeks integrates with Zillow using their [[https://​​agent-resources/​trends-and-data/​tips-and-advice/​how-to-set-up-zillows-tech-connect/​|Tech Connect program]] so leads generated from Zillow or Trulia can be sent automatically to the Lead Manager.
-**NOTE:** Premium Trulia Leads are not sent through Zillow and therefore not applicable ​to this integration.+====== How to connect ======
-===== How to connect =====+To start receiving leads from Zillow you will need to copy a code generated by Real Geeks and  paste that code in Zillow
-First, you need a code generated by Real Geeks specific for you site, to get this code:+===== Step 1: Copy code in Real Geeks ===== 
 +Follow the steps below:
   - Visit http://​​incoming/​zillow/​   - Visit http://​​incoming/​zillow/​
   - Click on your site   - Click on your site
-We have two modes of operation:+There are two options when it comes to how leads will be assigned:
-  ​* **Configuration for site**: ​in this mode all leads coming from this Zillow account ​will be unassigned, which means the Lead Manager will use the [[http://​​third_party_lead_sources | Round-Robin rules you have configured for third-party leads]]. +  ​- Assign to an Agent in Zillow and send that information to Real Geeks 
-  * **Configuration for agent**: use this mode your Zillow account belongs ​to a specific agent. All leads coming ​from this Zillow ​account will be assigned to this agent. No round-robin will be used.+  - Assign ​all leads coming from that Zillow account to a specific agent 
 +  - Receive ​leads from Zillow ​unassigned and use the Round Robin configuration in Real Geeks
 +==== Use assignment from Zillow ====
-Click on either **Configure ​for site** or **Configure for agent** depending on which mode you want.+Using this option Real Geeks will use the assigned agent from Zillow. Keep in mind that all agents in Zillow must exist in Real Geeks with the same email for this to work.
-You should see a code similar to **v1.bdd6acc8-dcbc-40cd-80e9-364c853e1c5a** or **v2.28766**.+To use this config enable the checkbox in the left and copy the code below it
-Now with this code in hand let's configure Zillow+{{:​zillow_config_2.jpg?400|}}
-**To add a partner, go to**https://​​contacts/​ExportContacts.htm+Now you're ready to Step 2Use code in Zillow
-{{:​zillow.png|}}+==== Assign all leads to specific Agent ====
-  - Click **Add Partner** +If the Zillow account belongs a single agent it makes sense to assign all leads originated from this Zillow account to this specific agent
-  - Select **Real Geeks** on the list of CRM companies +
-  - Paste the code you copied above on Partner ID input +
-  - Click Save+
-{{:​zillow_step2.png|}}+Use the box in the rightFirst select the agent to assign all leads to then copy the code generated for that specific agent
-===== Trulia leads =====+{{:​zillow_config_3.jpg?​400|}}
-Zillow ​is sending most Trulia leads using the Zillow platform called Tech Connect Program, which is what we use in this integration.+Now you're ready to Step 2: Use code in Zillow
-Premium Trulia Leads are not sent through Zillow:+==== Let assignment happen in Real Geeks ====
-  * Trulia Seller ​leads +Using this option ​leads will come from Zillow unassigned and will use the configured Round Robin in Real Geeks.
-  * Trulia Profile leads +
-  * Trulia Featured Listing leads (Trulia Pro) +
-  * Leads to the listing agent who appears ​in the BAL+
-If you use any of those products from Trulia you should configure our email address to receive new lead notifications from Trulia.+{{:​zillow_config_4.jpg?400|}}
-Visit http://​​incoming/​trulia/​ and copy the email address you should paste in Trulia to receive new lead notifications,​ we will process those emails and add the lead to your Lead Manager.+===== Step 2Use code in Zillow =====
-===== FAQ =====+With the Real Geeks code in hang from Step 1 you will add a new Partner in Zillow.
-**When I assign a lead in Zillow will that information be sent to Real Geeks?**+First visit: https://​​contacts/​ExportContacts.htm 
 +  - Click **Add Partner** 
 +  - Select ​**Real Geeks** ​on the list of CRM companies 
 +  - Paste the code you copied on Step 1 
 +  - Click Save 
 +===== Trulia leads =====
-No. Zillow ​only sends new lead notifications for Real Geeks and those leads can either be unassigned or pre-assigned to an agent specified when the integration ​was created.+Zillow ​is sending Trulia ​leads using the Zillow platform called Tech Connect Program, which is what we use in this integration.
-See the modes of operation in **How to connect** section above.+By setting up this integration you will receive both Zillow and Trulia leads.
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