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Agent ID

Real Geeks offers you the ability to share a page or link in your marketing to drive traffic and have it delivered to a specific agent.

This can be done in one of two ways:

  1. Facebook Ads tool
  2. Using an Agent ID

Facebook Ads Tool

If you are using the Real Geeks Facebook Ads Manager, this is built-in and will automatically build your URL to assign any leads to a specific agent.

Select your agent in the dropdown menu and continue with generating your ad (you can learn more about generating ads with the RG Facebook Tool HERE)

Finding your Agent ID

You (or your agents) can share a custom link with prospective leads by adding the ?agent_id feature at the end of any link you'd like to share in your marketing

To do this, you will need to build the URL to include your agent’s agent ID. This can be found in your Lead Manager by (KEEP IN MIND: Only admins/Site Owners can find these Agent ID's. You can get your team's owner to help you find this if necessary):

  1. Click the name of the agent who you want the leads to be delivered to
  2. Copy the 5-digit number located in your web address (it would look something like where “47505” is the agent ID)

Once you have found your Agent ID in the CRM, then you will need to add ?agent_id=<agent-id> at the end of the website link you are trying to share. Below are some common examples of how this is accomplished

Common Scenarios

  • Sending prospective clients this link can introduce your leads to the website
  • Example Link:
  • Agents can use the following link to share their listings with prospective clients or in their own advertisements in order to ensure that the leads are delivered to them properly:
  • Example Link:
  • Landing Pages allow you to block off information and requires your lead signs up before viewing the content behind it. This is a great way to require capture to prevent leads from taking information and moving to another service or agent (You can learn more about this process HERE)
  • Example Link:
  • Sending Leads to a pre-performed search results page gives the prospective leads options. Use this feature to provide your clients with a search in their preferred area:
  • Example Link:

How to test to make sure it's working

Leads actually have to land on the page with the agent_id. We use cookies to track this. So the best way to test is to open an incognito window and go directly to the URL that you made. Then you can make sure that the lead is going to the correct agent in your lead manager.

If you don’t know how to find your incognito/private window, here are some links to instructions on clearing the cache for common browsers:

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