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If you want to run an ad to a page on your site that is not an agent landing page, and you want leads who register on that page to go to a specific agent, you can use the advanced ?agent_id feature.

If you are using the Real Geeks Facebook Ads Manager tool, this is built in and it will build your URLs for you if you use the Lead Assignment box:

If you are not using our Facebook tool, you can build the URLs by adding the agent_id= query string to the end of your web address. But first, you will need to find the agent ID in the lead manager. To do that, go to the user in the lead manager you want to send leads to and get it from the URL:

Then, you can add ?agent_id=123 to the end of the URL, where 123 is the agent ID you got from the lead manager.

Here are a few examples:

  1. - Property page with agent ID and property landing page lead capture

How to test to make sure it's working

Leads actually have to land on the page with the agent_id. We use cookies to track this. So the best way to test is to open an incognito window and go directly to the URL that you made. Then you can make sure that the lead is going to the correct agent in your lead manager.

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