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Creating Agent Landing Pages

Creating Agent Landing Pages is the same as Creating Content Pages with one new difference. The difference is that Agent Landing Pages allow for the selection of an Agent.

You are free to use any of the pre-existing page templates, just like how you can for a content or area page. Check out our documentation on Page Types for descriptions on these templates.

Once the new Agent Landing Page is saved, and a new user arrives at an agent landing page and then signs up, the new lead will bypass the normal round robin assignment process. The new lead will be assigned directly to the agent and idle lead reassignment will not be applied.

Converting Content Pages to Agent Landing Pages

Another option when creating Agent Landing is converting existing Content pages. To convert an existing Content Page into an Agent Landing page:

  1. Go to the Content Page admin section for your site:
  2. Select the checkbox(s) next to the pages you would like to convert.
  3. Select the 'Convert selected pages to Agent Landing Pages' option in the Action dropdown as shown in this screenshot:

Once the conversion is complete, the converted pages will no longer appear in the Content Page admin. To view the newly converted pages, go to your site's Agent Landing Page admin:

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