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 +<​style>​p img { box-shadow: 0 0px 20px #888888; }</​style>​
 +====== Agentology integration ======
 +Real Geeks can send leads to [[https://​​|Agentology]] where a specialized agent will respond within minutes via Phone, SMS, and Email, and log all activity in real time back to Real Geeks.
 +New leads are sent over to Agentology. Activities are sent from Agentology to Real Geeks as notes with information like SMS transcripts,​ call logs, etc.
 +===== How to connect =====
 +First send an email to **** asking for your **Partner ID for Real Geeks integration**
 +Once you receive the Partner ID:
 +  - Visit https://​​
 +  - Click **Configure Destinations**
 +  - Click in your site
 +  - Click **Connect** on **Agentology**
 +  - Enter the **Partner ID**
 +  - **User** is optional, if selected only leads assigned to that user will be sent to Agentology
 +  - **Assignment** is optional, you can choose to only send leads to Agentology if they are assigned to an agent in Real Geeks, by default leads are sent immediately before the assignment happens.
 +  - Click **Save** and that's it
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