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The Users tab allows you to see all Users in the Lead Manager. This is only visible to Admins. The types of Users are Agents, Admins, Team Leaders and Lenders. However, when choosing their Role during a new user setup, you'll only see Agent or Lender.

Creating Users

Please Note: If you have one agent leaving and want to replace them with a new agent, DO NOT replace the old agent's email address in the Lead Manager with the new agent's email address. Instead, please see below under “Deleting Users”.

1. To create a new agent, admin or lender, click the New User button near the top right.

2. In the field that appears, enter the email address for your new User. This will be their login email address.

3. If the User already has an existing Real Geeks account, perhaps through another company, you can go ahead and add them. You'll want to select either Agent or Lender for their Role. If they will need to be an Admin, whether or not they are a licensed agent, you can select “Agent” for their Role.

Click the “Add Existing Real Geeks Account” to connect them to your Lead Manager. It is common for Users to have access to multiple websites with a single email address.

If the person is not an existing User, you will need to enter their First and Last Name before selecting their Role.

Note: Real Geeks User Profiles are intended to be owned by the User. When setting them up, you have the ability to see their temporary password by clicking the “Show Password” button. You might want to copy this and save it along with the User's login email address in the event they do not receive the automatic email that is sent to them with their password. After the User changes their password, you (the Admin) will not have access to their password unless you have access to their login email account.

Email Signature

After adding the new User, you will be brought to their Edit page. You'll want to add the new User's signature in the Email Signature field as this is the signature that will appear on their Property Update emails.


This is where you can select whether or not this person is an Admin as well as any other permissions they should have such as the ability to Delete or Export leads. If you choose not to allow the new User to access their Notifications, you will need to set their notifications for them under the Notifications setting.

All changes here will automatically save. Your new User should receive an email with their login information and temporary password. If they do not receive this, and you did not save their temporary password, please have the new User go to, enter their login email address and click “Forgot Your Password”. A time-sensitive email will be sent to them with instructions for resetting their password.


There are two sections. The first one is the notifications that your user will receive. The second one is for you if you want to recieve the same notifications as your user.

Browser Notifications

If you want notifications to appear on your computer screen, click the “Yes, please” button.

Deleting Users

When a User leaves your company, there may be a few things you'll need to do before removing them from your Account.

Does this User have leads that are assigned to them? If so, you will either want to Export the User's leads so they have a CSV file of their leads, or you can mass reassign the leads to another agent.

1. First, go to the Leads tab and do an Advanced Search for “Assigned Agent” is (choose the User's name in the dropdown). Click “Add Filter” to see only their leads.

2. Click the top checkbox next to Agent & Lender.

Re-Assign the User's Leads

3. To Re-Assign the leads, click the Assign button.

To select all of the User's leads, click the circle under “In Current Search”, next to “In Search”. Then select the Agent and/or Lender that all the leads should be reassigned to.

We do not have an option to reassign leads via Round Robin, however, you can manually select leads to reassign to individual agents. To do this, select specific leads in the list of leads assigned to the agent and click the Assign button. Select the circle under “Currently Checked”, next to “Checked”. Then select the Agent and/or Lender to receive the selected leads. Repeat the process until all leads are reassigned.

To Export the User's Leads

4. To Export the leads, you will select all of the User's leads as in step 3 above. Instead of clicking the Assign button, click the CSV button.

A CSV file with the User's leads will be sent to your email address. If you have enabled “Export” leads permissions for this User, they can follow the same process to Export their own leads and have the CSV emailed to them.

5. Once their leads are assigned or exported, click on the Users tab, click the checkbox next to their name, and click “Delete”.

6. You will also need to login at, click the Websites link at the top, and then click “Edit/Add Users” next to the website that the User was associated with.

Click the “Remove” button to remove the User from your Account completely.

Finding Users


The list of users can be searched by name using the search form under the New User button near the top right in the Users tab.


The list of agents can be sorted by Name or Last Login time by clicking the column headers:

Click a column heading a second time to reverse the sort order.

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