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 +====== Big Purple Dot ======
 +Real Geeks integrates with [[https://​​|Big Purple Dot]]. Every lead added to Real Geeks will be automatically sent over to Big Purple Dot.
 +===== Which fields are sent to Big Purple Dot =====
 +  * First and Last name
 +  * Email
 +  * Phone number
 +  * Source will be sent with a prefix "Real Geeks - "
 +Note that first name is required. So if the lead does have a name it won't be sent to Big Purple Dot.
 +===== How to connect ====
 +First contact Big Purple Dot and ask for your **api_user** and **api_secret**
 +Now you can configure in the Lead Router:
 +  - Visit https://​​
 +  - Click "​Configure destinations"​
 +  - Click on your website
 +  - Locate "Big Purple Dot" and click "​Connect"​
 +  - In the field **API User and Secret** enter your **api_user** and **api_secret** separated by a colon, without spaces. Example: myuser:​mysecret
 +  - Click save
 +You can choose to select a User – an Agent or Lender. If you do so only leads assigned to that user are sent to Big Purple Dot. Note that you can connect multiple times, each with a different user.
 +Only leads created after you connected will be sent.
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