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This tab contains a calendar of follow-ups, viewable by month, week, or day. Clicking on an activity in the default month view takes you to the day view for the day the activity is on. The day view has a list of follow-ups ordered by time of day. These can be checked off as they're completed.

The week view is essentially seven day views joined together in order, separated by headers indicating day of the week.

The Next and Previous buttons go by month, day, or week, depending on if you're in the month, day, or week view, respectively.

Integrating with Google Calendar

The Lead Manager's calendar can also be integrated with a number of digital calendar applications including Google Calendar and Apple Calendar.

To link your Lead Manager calendar you will need to head to Settings > Calendar Feed. This will display a unique URL that you can link your calendar application to. Please note that this link is not secured for sharing purposes and should be limited to your own use.

Copy this link to your clipboard or a text document and open Google Calendar.

In Google Calendar, locate the option for Other Calendars and choose “Add by URL”. This launch a prompt where you will paste the URL and link the Lead Manager calendar to Google.

Integrating with Office Outlook

To link your Lead Manager calendar with Office Outlook, Microsoft Office have docs regarding this depending on what version of Outlook you have:

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