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Facebook Marketing Tool Checklist & Set Up Requirements

Facebook Advertising is a fantastic tool that is really great for creating a pipeline of leads constantly being generated and a great resource for driving traffic to your website. Using the Real Geeks Marketing Tool helps not only generate those leads but also save you time when creating ads.


1. Facebook Business Page and Ad Account

The first steps with the set-up is making sure you have a business page set up on Facebook and setting up your billing within your Facebook Ad Account. Your billing will be how you pay Facebook for your advertisement.

2. Facebook Pixel

Setting up the Facebook pixel allows you collect analytical data on your Real Geeks website and your Facebook Ads.

3. Site Owner Must Enable the Facebook Marketing Tool

Go to to enable this tool.

4. Review Training Videos on the Facebook Marketing Tool

Feel free view all our training material for the Facebook Marketing Tool on the Tools settings/help page.

We also do a live webinar on the Facebook Marketing Tool every single Thursday at 3 PM EST. Sign up for that webinar by using this link:

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