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SMS Text Feature Set Up and Requirements

Quick Walk-through Video

Please Note: This video has pricing from previous billing plans that is no longer active. Please consult your current billing plan for updated pricing information.

Below you can find our step-by-step checklist to help you get started in setting up the Real Geeks SMS texting feature.

Downloadable Checklist Here: checklist_sms_text_feature.pdf


1. Site Owner should Enable the Tool in Lead Manager (Texting feature is FREE)

  • Settings tab > Communication > Text Messaging

2. Enter Agent(s) Routing Numbers

  • If the lead decides to call the company’s text number it will go to that assigned agent phone number.

3. Add Company Texting Phone Number

  • Only one number is required for this feature to work.

4. Review Autoresponder Text Delivery

  • You have the option of when to delay the sign ­up auto­-response minutes and hours of operation.

5. Create individual Sign Up Responder Texts to Respond Back to Leads

  • This is extremely important to set­up for each source.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The sign­up responder text message needs to be configured for EACH agent.

6. Create Text templates

  • Setting tabs > Templates > Sign­up Responder Texts

7. Watch Our Detailed Lead Manager Texting “How to” Video

  • To learn more click here.

Text Notifications to YOU, the Agent

1. Add your SMS Text Email Address

  • Settings tab > General > Text Emails

2. Locate and Enable Notifications

  • Enable text notification under ­ Incoming text messages from leads.
  • Click here to watch how and follow Step 5 for additional information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need to do this for EACH agent that wants to receive text notifications.

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