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Facebook Marketing Guide

Create FB Pixel and send to support to install

The Facebook Pixel allows you the ability to retarget with your Facebook audiences and collect analytical data on your Real Geeks website and your Facebook Ads. It’s important to get your Facebook Pixel ID over to our support team as quickly as possible to start collecting data on your Real Geeks website. Follow the video instructions below to learn how to create your Facebook Pixel.

Screencast: Creating and Installing Your Pixel

Please send your Facebook Pixel ID over to our support team at

Creating Audiences

Your Facebook Audience is the demographic you advertise your ads to on Facebook. Facebook allows you to create three different audience type: Custom Audience, Lookalike Audience, and Saved Audience. Watch the videos below to learn more about these audience types.

Custom Audience

Lookalike Audience

Saved Audience

Once you have watched the video, please visit the following link to create your first audience:

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