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 +=====Follow Up Boss=====
 +1. [[https://​​hc/​en-us/​articles/​360015942594-Follow-Up-Boss-Lead-Routing-Email|Get your unique Follow Up Boss email address]]
 +2. Login to your Real Geeks website at https://​
 +3. Click settings and insert your email address in the alternate
 +email address field.
 +4. Scroll down the settings page to notifications and in the alternate column tick "New Leads",​ "​Seller Leads valuation inquiry",​ "​Incoming text messages from leads",​ "Leads request a tour"​. ​ Scroll down the page and click the "​Save"​ button.
 +5. Do a test registration on your Real Geeks website and then favorite a property
 +to check everything is flowing in smoothly.
 +====Multiple Users / Assignment from Real Geeks====
 +You may want to still assign leads through Real Geeks, so that the property update emails from Real Geeks come from the assigned agent. ​
 +To do this you will login to the settings screen of each individual agent in Real Geeks and put in their email which you can get on the "​Users"​ screen in FUB Classic. Email if you need your FUB email address.  ​
 +Make sure for each lead, only one email is sent to FUB. e.g. not one from the agents settings and one from the account owners settings. ​
 +Please note that only saved properties, registrations and returns to websites are logged in to Follow Up Boss.  Property views, for example, do not sync over.
 +Email with your Real Geeks username and password ​
 +if you need any help.
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