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 +<​html><​iframe width="​640"​ height="​480"​ src="​https://​​embed/​-rFoi6y30q8"​ frameborder="​0"​ allowfullscreen></​iframe></​html>​
 +====== Locating a footer ======
 +  - Start from​admin (or​admin/​content)
 +  - {{::​footer1.png?​500|}}
 +  - Click on a footer in the list
 +====== Default footer ======
 +This footer should be created for you in advance. When [[creating_editing_pages#​adding_pages|creating a new page]], unsurprisingly is the default footer selected.
 +====== Creating a footer ======
 +  - Starting from​admin (or​admin/​content)
 +  - {{::​footer2.png?​500|}}
 +  - Fill in the area labelled **Content**,​ as described in [[content_wysiwyg|Editing content fields using the WYSIWYG editor]].
 +  - Click the **Save** button near the bottom right
 +  - Now you can [[working_with_pages#​advanced_options|attach your shiny new footer to a page]].
 +====== Attaching an existing footer to an existing page ======
 +The process is the same for both footers and sidebars. First, [[finding_pages|find the page]]. Then, [[working_with_pages#​advanced_options|do this]].
 +====== Pages with no footer ======
 +To create a page with no footer or remove the footer from an existing page:
 +First, expand **Sidebar and Footer Options**
 +Then choose the first option from the drop-down labelled **Custom Footer**
 +Finally, click the **Save** button at the bottom right.
 +Note: This simply removes the footer from the page. See the next section if you want to completely remove the footer.
 +====== Deleting footers ======
 +  - [[#​locating_a_footer|Find]] the footer you'd like to delete. In most cases, you shouldn'​t delete the [[#​default_footer|Default footer]]. [[#​pages_with_no_footer|Deselect]] or change it instead.
 +  - Scroll to the bottom of the page
 +  - Click the **Delete** link near the bottom left
 +  - **Important**:​ Read the confirmation message. If the footer is still attached to any pages, the confirmation message will list the pages to be deleted. If you want to keep these pages, go back and [[#​pages_with_no_footer|remove the footer from those pages]] before deleting the footer.
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