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Welcome to the Real Geeks Documentation - Real Geeks Support Form

New Support Contact Number: (844)311-4969 option 2 (Monday-Friday 8AM-8PM CST)

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Website/Billing/User System login

These documents outline the important changes coming to Real Geeks account management. We are moving towards a single sign-on permissions based user management system; so if you have more than one user that works on your site– LOOK AT THIS!

Accounts and User Management - Overview

Accounts and User Management - Usage Guide

Virtual Assistant Site Builder Services

If you do not have the time or are not very technically savvy. You can contact one of these people below that can help you build out your Real Geeks website for a FEE.

Note: These are not Real Geeks employees, they are outside contractors for hire.

FREE Downloadable Animated Videos for your website compliments of Todd Bogert!

Are you interested in saving time and money? Our marketing experts can drive motivated buyers and sellers to your highly optimized Real Geeks website. That way you can focus on what you do best: Help customers buy and sell homes!

Facebook Lead Ad Program

Real Leads Marketing - Google (PPC) Adwords Management

DIY Facebook Marketing ​& Training Guides

Setting Up Your Facebook Marketing

Real Geeks Facebook Marketing Tool

Recommended External Services and Plug-ins

Infusionsoft Sign Up & Demo Page

* Click Here to Sign Up for Infusionsoft through Real Geeks When signing up for Infusionsoft through this link you get all 10 of the Greg Harrelson Real Estate Campaigns and our complimentary Real Geeks Integration done for you! Also, you can reach Greg Harrelson’s Infusionsoft Sales and Implementation team by contacting Dobbin Buck at his email or by calling his direct line at 404-975-9215.

Here are some webinars that discuss the strengths of the Real Geeks / Infusionsoft integration!

Note: Greg's Sequences are available for Real Geeks Clients who sign up through our page except in Myrtle Beach or Charleston, SC.

Google Analytics

Admin Backend

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Email / Text Templates and Email Drip Campaigns

Seller Lead Generation


Webinar Archive

Lead Conversion - Prospecting & Follow Up Best Practices

Leverage your Database to Generate more Business

  • Leverage your Database to Generate more Business 8/6/2018 By leveraging your database you’ll be able to generate more business, create value for your clients, and be the #1 real estate resource that your clients will depend on. Just follow these quick and easy steps in the video below, to see how to generate more business and referrals from your database.

Seller Lead Generation Tool

Todd Tramonte joins Jeff to share how he is driving traffic. What he is doing get appointments and take listings. Todd booked an appointment and took a listing within the first couple days using the tool.

Setting Up Website for High Conversion

  • Setting Up Website for High Conversion 8-23-13 Note: Some of the items covered in this video no longer apply. Properties on content/area pages now ask for a sign up by default and save the users a saved search that will start dripping on them with new listings, price changes and sold properties based on the search used to pull in the displayed properties on the page they sign up on.

Google Adwords How To Set Up & Drive Leads To Website

  • Setting Up Google Adwords (PPC) to Drive Traffic to Your Website 5-17-2016 Must Watch: Kendra from Real Geeks and Victoria from Google go over how to set up your Google Adwords account so you can drive more traffic to your site and get more leads to follow up on. The webinar will include:
  • Creating your first campaign and best practices
  • Adding Conversion tracking code
  • Connecting Google Adwords and Google Analytics
  • Optimizing the account

Pull in keywords of your lead's source, click here

If you need an example, Kendra goes over step by step on how to set it up in the youtube video above (skip to around 13:50).

Lead Tracking / Google Analytics

IDX Review & Demo

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