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Facebook Lead Ads Playbook

Here are the TOP 5 action items that will help you convert more leads!

1) Speed to Lead

Did you know you are 10x more likely to contact a lead if called in the first 5 minutes rather than 30 minutes?  When prospecting the best times of the day to call leads are 8-9am and 4-5pm.  Texting can also help.  Have you set up your Real Geeks SMS Autoresponder?  Click here for more details.

2) Persistence Pays

The average agent gives up too soon.  It takes about 6 attempts to get to a 90% contact rate.  By just making a few more attempts, agents can increase their contact rate significantly.  These Keeping It Real videos go over what a few of our most successful clients are doing to get great results working their online leads:

  • In this episode, Todd Tramonte shares how he gets a 2000% ROI on his online leads, and Todd and Jeff share the exact follow up processes, scripts, and mindset you'll need to have tons of success with Facebook leads.
  • In this episode, new agent Jason Simard sold 135 homes in his first year by leveraging Facebook ads and his Real Geeks platform. He shares the follow up plans he used to convert Facebook leads into deals and generate more business.
  • In this episode with agent Kory Prince, he shares some of his best practices and scripts that he uses to follow up with leads and maintain a healthy pipeline using our tools.

3) A Good Intro Matters

Leads from Facebook click on your ad and are then logged into your site. CLICK HERE for some example follow-up scripts and best practices. This video goes over the process a lead goes through when going through your ad. Gear your follow up approach to the ads you are running to make a stronger connection with your leads.

4) Tell the Lead's Story

Make great notes, its the key to great follow up. What are they looking for, what is their time frame, dog's name, why they are looking to move? The key to successful online lead generation is building relationships. Get to know your leads, and help them get to know you!

5) Set Follow Ups 

The Money is in the follow up.  Use your Real Geeks CRM to set Follow Ups or set up Workflows to simplify this process. Click here for details on setting up Drip Workflows.

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