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Email Templates

Email templates can be found by navigating to Settings > Templates > Template Emails

Create Email Templates

1. Click on the “Create New” button

Users can filter template lists:

2. Create your message.

3. Click on the Save button to save the email template

Sharing Email Templates

Admins, Site Owner, and Team Leaders can share their email templates.


1. Click on the Share button associated to the email template

2. Select users with whom to share your template.


Email templates shared with other users can be viewed, but not edited by other users.

Send Email to Lead with an Email Template

You can use an email template to send an email to one of your clients.

On your lead’s page, on the right hand, you can create or choose an email template to send them.

When composing your email, you can select the email template you just created or a shared template.

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