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Merge Fields

Name of Field CRM Merge Field Drip Merge Field Description
Lead: Name{{NAME}}{{LEAD_NAME}}The Lead's full name
Lead: First Name{{FIRST_NAME}}{{LEAD_FIRST_NAME}}The Lead's first name
Lead: Last Name{{LAST_NAME}}{{LEAD_LAST_NAME}}The Lead's last name
Lead: Email{{EMAIL}}{{LEAD_EMAIL}}The Lead's email address
Lead: Phone{{PHONE}}The Lead's phone number
Lead: Login Link{{LOGIN_LINK}}{{LEAD_LOGIN_HERE_LINK}}The Lead's automatic link to log in, displayed as “Login”
Lead: App Url{{APP_URL}}{{LEAD_DOWNLOAD_APP_LINK}}The Lead's link to download the MoveTo app, displayed as “Download App”
Lead: Lead Login Here Link{{LEAD_LOGIN_HERE_LINK}}{{LEAD_LOGIN_HERE_LINK}}The Lead's automatic link to log in, displayed as “Login”
Lead: Lead Download App Link{{LEAD_DOWNLOAD_APP_LINK}}{{LEAD_DOWNLOAD_APP_LINK}}The Lead's link to download the MoveTo app, displayed as “Download App”
Lead: Average Property Price{{LEAD_AVERAGE_PROPERTY_PRICE}}The Lead's Average Property Price
Lead: Lead Advanced Search Link{{LEAD_ADVANCED_SEARCH_LINK}}{{LEAD_ADVANCED_SEARCH_LINK}}The link to your site's Advanced Search page, displayed as “Advanced Search”
Lead: Lead Sold Search Link{{LEAD_SOLD_SEARCH_LINK}}{{LEAD_SOLD_SEARCH_LINK}}The link to your site's Sold Search page, displayed as “Sold Search”
Lead: Lead Market Report Link{{LEAD_MARKET_REPORT_LINK}}{{LEAD_MARKET_REPORT_LINK}}The link to your site's Market Report Search page, displayed as “Market Report”
Agent: Name{{AGENT_NAME}}{{AGENT_NAME}}The sending Agent's full name
Agent: First Name{{AGENT_FIRST_NAME}}{{AGENT_FIRST_NAME}}The sending Agent's first name
Agent: Last Name{{AGENT_LAST_NAME}}{{AGENT_LAST_NAME}}The sending Agent's last name
Agent: Email{{AGENT_EMAIL}}{{AGENT_EMAIL}}The sending Agent's email address
Agent: Phone{{AGENT_PHONE}}{{AGENT_PHONE}}The sending Agent's phone number
Agent: Phone Office{{AGENT_PHONE_OFFICE}}{{AGENT_PHONE_OFFICE}}The sending Agent's office phone number
Agent: Phone Cell{{AGENT_PHONE_CELL}}{{AGENT_PHONE_CELL}}The sending Agent's cell phone number
Agent: Phone Home{{AGENT_PHONE_HOME}}{{AGENT_PHONE_HOME}}The sending Agent's home phone number
Agent: Email Signature{{AGENT_EMAIL_SIGNATURE}}{{AGENT_EMAIL_SIGNATURE}}The sending Agent's email signature
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