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 +=====Mortgage Calculator=====
 +You can add the mortgage calculator to the source code <> of your site. A popular place to add this code is in the sidebar. ​
 +<code HTML>
 +<div class="​mortgage_calculator side_captions">​
 +<​h3>​Mortgage Calculator</​h3> ​
 +<form action="#"> ​
 +<​dl> ​
 +<​dt>​Amount of Loan</​dt> ​
 +<​dd><​input type="​text"​ name="​loan_amount"​ class="​full"​ value="​4975000"></​dd> ​
 +<​dt>​Annual Interest Rate</​dt> ​
 +<​dd><​input type="​text"​ name="​annual_interest_rate"​ value="​4.5">​ %</​dd> ​
 +<​dt>​Term of Loan</​dt> ​
 +<​dd><​input type="​text"​ name="​term_of_loan"​ value="​30">​ Years</​dd> ​
 +<​dt><​!-- NOTHING HERE --></​dt> ​
 +<​dd> ​
 +<​div><​a href="#"​ class="​button button_calculate"><​span>​Calculate</​span></​a></​div> ​
 +</​dd> ​
 +</​dl> ​
 +<div class="​spacer"><​!-- NOTHING HERE--></​div> ​
 +<div class="​monthly_loan_payment"></​div> ​
 +<div class="​disclaimer"> ​
 +<​p>​Does not include any taxes or fees.<​br> ​
 +Please consult a financial professional.</​p> ​
 +</​div> ​
 +</​form> ​
 +</​div> ​
 +You can change the annual interest rate by changing the 4.5 in the code.
 +If you choose to add it to the sidebar, make sure the sidebar item is set to "​Custom Content"​.
 +Note: The mortgage calculator on the property detail pages are not editable as they are added directly by the system.
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