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-====== Page Elements ====== +#redirect​hc/​en-us/​articles/​360043666973 
-{{::​pageelements1.jpg?400|}} +====== Updating the Advanced Options ======
-===== Parent ​=====+
 +Real Geeks provides 5 customization options to make changes on the pages in your site.
-An optional feature used for organizing pages in a hierarchy.+{{ :​playground:​screen_shot_2019-03-12_at_12.38.28_pm.png?​600 |}}
-The parent feature is not recommended for beginner users.+  * Override Landscape Image 
 +  * Sidebar and Footer Options 
 +  * Capture Form Options 
 +  * Property Display Search Options 
 +  * Search Form Display Options
-An example URL using the parent hierarchy is​recreation/​golf. ​ The Recreation page has been defined as the parent of Golf on the Golf page in the site backend. ​ Without defining Recreation as the parent, the URL for the Golf page would simply have been​golf.+===== Override Landscape Image =====
-Title: Appears in the title bar of your browser and is the first line of your Google search result.+Allows you to customize ​the main header photo at the top of your screenYou can select from our gallery of images, or upload your own custom image to represent the area you are trying to target ​
-===== Meta Description =====+**Gallery Image or Video:** Choose from our free gallery of high-quality images to customize your area or content page
 +**Custom Image or Video:** Feel free to upload your own custom image. ​
 +Tip: The image size can vary based on the page template that you are using. You can find the image requirements for these templates here: http://​​image_requirements
-Appears as the second part of a Google search result.+**No Image or Video:** Removes any images from the top of your screenYour site will still display the image canvas and will display a white background on the site
-{{:elements_08.png?600|}}+{{ :no_image_or_video.png?600 |}}
-===== Meta Keywords =====+**Use Default:** Uses the primary site header image that is established in the “Header Image” field located in your site settings. You can establish this header image to appear site-wide by going to your website backend (​admin) > scroll down to find the site settings >  select “Template Options > go to the Header Image
-A comma-separated list of keywords used by search engines.+{{ :​site_settings_header_image.png?600 |}}
-===== Anchor Text/Page Name =====+===== Sidebar and Footer Options ​=====
 +You can create and add your own custom sidebars or footer to your page in this section. This allows you to add more customization to your pages. For example, you can create a page dedicated to a specific City within the area that you focus on, then create a custom sidebar that displays links to pages created for specific subdivisions in that City (e.g. The city of Dallas page has a sidebar that displays areas of the city (“Uptown”,​ “South Dallas” “Arts District”,​ “Victory Park”, etc..)
-Name of page as it will appear when linked from another ​page.+You can create a new sidebar or footer directly within this page by selecting the green “+” sign which opens a new window that allows you to customize your sidebars (http://​​sidebars)  ​
-===== Slug =====+{{ :​add_sidebar.png?​600 |}}
 +===== Capture Form Options =====
-Last part of page URL. For example, /​recreation/​ is the slug​recreation/​. This field is automatically generated based on the Anchor Text/Page Name field.+{{ :​capture_form_final1.jpg?400 |}}
-===== Content =====+Convert any content or area page into a landing page by customizing your own sign up form. This will prompt anyone who visits the site to first sign up before accessing the content of the page. This works especially well for providing personalized e-books or promotion pages which requires the lead to give you the information in order to “learn more”. Learn more about this feature [[custom_capture_forms|here]]!
 +{{ :​capture_form_options.png?​600 |}}
-The meat” of the page. Can contain a variety of elements including headersparagraphs of text, links, lists, and images. For detailed overviewsee the Content Editor article.+You can create a new custom capture form by clicking the green +” signor if you have already created ​capture formyou can choose the capture form from the dropdown menu
-===== Advanced Options =====+The **Require Capture** checkbox turns the capture form on or off on the page. Click the small box next to the **Require Capture** box, then press save at the bottom of the page in order to apply the form. 
-{{::​pageelementsoptions.jpg?600|}}+{{ :require_capture.jpg |}}
-These options are near the bottom of the pageThey are initially hidden or collapsedso they must first be expanded ​by pressing ​(Show):+The **Lead Capture Search** button allows you to preset search criteria for any leads. This means that when the lead signs up, they will automatically have a search saved for them in their accounts where they will receive daily updates on the search criteria you set in this buttonYou can modify the frequency this lead receives these property updatesand also make any updates to their search criteria ​by logging in as the lead and pressing ​“edit”
 +==== Creating a Capture Form ====
-==== Override Landscape Image ====+**Name:** You need to name your capture form in order to distinguish what the content/​purpose of the capture form. For example, if you want to create a page that displays a custom newsletter you created, you can name the capture form “Newsletter registration”. ​
 +**Source:** The source button automatically pulls the list of sources directly from your CRM. Any lead that signs up through this capture form will be given this source within the Lead Manager. ​
-You can override ​your default Landscape Header Image on per page basis ​Choose to display a different Gallery image, Custom image, or no image at all.+**Source Override:** The Source ​override ​allows you to generate ​custom source for when leads sign up in this formThis is an optional field but can help with organizing your leads in the CRM
-Below the image selection is the ability to override the image'​s alternate text.  This text will replace the image on rare occasions where the image doesn'​t load properly, such as the user having a very slow internet connection.+{{ :​capture_form_name.png?600 |}}
-{{::​landscapeimage1.jpg?​600|}} +**Logo:** You can upload your own custom capture form logo here. If left blank, this will default to the primary logo located in your site settings
-==== Sidebar and Footer Options ==== +
- +
-Sidebars and Footers work similarly for sharing common content between multiple pages. ​You can choose one of your sidebars or footers from the drop-down list. These will appear on the side or at the bottom of every page that uses the given sidebar or footer.+**Title:​** ​You can place a Title that appears above your capture form
-{{::​sidebar.jpg?​500|}}+**Text:** Add your own custom text to your capture form to provide leads with more information about what the page is for, or any comments you would like to make
-Here, you can also create a new sidebar or footer by clicking the green plus sign.+{{ :​capture_form_logo.jpg?600 |}}
-==== Capture Form====+**Enable Facebook Login:** Turn the “Continue with Facebook” button off or on by toggling the checkbox here. This makes it easier for leads to log in using the information from their Facebook profile
-Here, you can assign a lead capture form you createdYou can learn how to do this [[custom_capture_forms|here]]. ​+**Capture Form Fields:** Select which fields ​you would like to appear on this capture form. By default, all of the fields are selected but you can remove any that you don’t ​to include
-{{::​captureform1.jpg?700|}}+**Button Text:** Customize the text in your submit buttonThe capture form defaults to “Sign Up!” but you can customize this to show any text you like. //**Pro Tip:** the shorter the text the better because you want to make sure the text is readable for your leads//
-==== Property Display Search Options ====+**Footer:** Add in any additional information you would like to include on your capture form. Typically, you could include your agent contact info or any additional information you would like included
 +**Choose Background Image:** You need to select a background image that appears behind the capture form. We provide several high-resolution images you can choose from, or select your own custom image in the **Upload Custom Image** field. If you decide to use your own custom image, the photo will need to be in the required image size: 1800:1300 pixels (700KB)
-This tool is handy for displaying tailoring the properties listed on a page.+===== Property Display Search Options =====
-{{::​propertydisplaysearchoptions.jpg?600|}}+This feature allows you to display listings on any custom area or content pages. The search filter allows you to designate specific criteria which will pull up properties that match your criteria
-To display listings on your content or area page:+{{ :property_display_search_options.png?​600 |}}
-1. Optionally, ​specify a header to appear above the property listings. +**Listing Header:** You can specify a title for your search results hereTypical phrases ​the search ​titles could be **Newest listings in *city name*** or **Properties in *city name***
-2. Enter the number of properties you would like displayed. +
-3. Press the Create Search button. ​  +
-4. Specify your search ​options.+
-{{:elements_06.png?600|}}+**Number of Properties:** You can select the number of properties you would like to display on a single pageTypically we recommend around 20, because we have seen that adding a large number of listings to a search can cause speed reductions on slower internet browsers. //**PRO TIP:** You can use the “Featured Property” content page template in order to paginate these listings to display even MORE listings on a page. You can learn more about these page templates here:// http://​​page_templates
-On the left, you can choose between multiple search fields to refine ​your search. ​ Green represents location fields. ​ Blue represents Property Detail fields. ​ Commonly user's will search by Office ​or Agent Id.+**Property Display Location:** You can place the listings above or below the content of your page (above ​or below the text)
-Don't know your Office or Agent Id?  Submit a Support Ticket with the number of one of your MLS listings and we can look this up for you ​Please let us know that you are inquiring about your Office and Agent Id when sending ​the MLS number.+**Edit Search:** Use this to select ​the criteria used to create ​your list of properties to displayFor example, if you are creating a specific page for the city of Waipahu, HI, you can the city menu item, then select “Waipahu” in the list provided
-==== Search Form Display Options ====+By default, our system feeds all of the listings from your MLS board into your site. You can limit the information of one field by selecting the “higher-level field” above it. For example, if you are looking to create a page for a specific neighborhood in Coronado, CA, you can first select the city of Coronado, then choose the neighborhood field. Because you selected the city of Coronado, it will only display the neighborhoods within that city. 
 +Select the “city” tab, and find your city in this list
 +{{ :​property_display_1.png?​600 |}}
 +Find the “neighborhood” tab, and search through the neighborhoods located within your city (this is according to your MLS board)
 +{{ :​property_display_2.png?​600 |}}
 +After selecting your neighborhood,​ you can change the “Sort By” dropdown, then press the “Create Search” button
 +{{ :​property_display_3.png?​600 |}}
 +A red box will appear to confirm the changes before saving. If you would like to make any changes, click cancel and proceed to edit the search. Press the blue “yes” button to apply the changes and save the search to the page.
 +{{ :​property_display_4.jpg?​600 |}}
-This is where you can override the default settings that display on the quick search box over your landscape image. 
-{{::propertydisplaysearchoptions1.jpg?600|}}+//**Pro Tip:** Make sure that you click “save” at the bottom of the page you are working on when you are done in order to apply these changes// 
 +===== Search Form Display Options ===== 
 +Edit the information within the search bar at the top of your page to reflect the information on your website. This area also allows you to customize the title of the page above the search box.  
 +To update the information in the search box at the top, just click the blue **SET SEARCH DEFAULTS** button, then set the criteria for your search window. After you have completed this, press **SAVE** to apply these changes  
 +{{ :search_default_1.jpg?​600 |}} 
 +To set the updated title of the page, type your text in the **SEARCH HEADER:** field.  
 +{{ :search_default_2.jpg?600 |}}
-1. Optionally, edit the Header text of your quick search box. 
-2. Set the location, price, minimum number of beds, and minimum number of baths that appear by clicking the blue Set Search Defaults button. 
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