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Accessing the Permissions System

First, if you've not used the permissions system yet or have not yet been an administrator for the accounts system– need to have the registered owner of the site (ie. the person paying the bills) to proceed any further.

1. Login to with your email and password.

2. Click on the “Websites” heading in the accounts management system. It is now, by default, your homepage.

3. Select the site you would like to modify from the list provided.

4. Once a site is selected, you'll be in the permissions system.

Adding or Creating a New User

In Accounts

1. Click on the “Add User” button the left-hand side of the permissions system.

2. If you enter an email that already exists, you will see something like this:

3. If the email is new to the system, you will see this:

4. Finally, once the user is created or the existing user is added, you can then just begin modifying permissions.

If you want to add users to have lead manager logins, we recommend you add them from the lead manager. (instructions below)

In the Lead Manager

1. Go to the “Users” tab.

2. Insert an email address for the user.

3a. If the user already exists in the system, you will be presented with something resembling the screen below. At which point, select their Role as “Agent” or “Lender”, click “Add Existing Real Geeks Account” and you are done.

3b. If the user does not yet exist, you'll then be taken to a screen that will allow you to create the new user.

The options for the user's role is either “Agent” or “Lender”.

Permissions Overview


These permissions affect the Accounts, Billing and User Management systems.


  • Administrator - Administrators are allowed to modify the permissions of other users; effectively doing what we're doing now. Administrators are NOT, however, allowed to modify their own permissions.


  • Receive Receipts - Every month/year (depending on your configuration), receipts are sent out to the owner. If the user has this permission, they will receive a copy of your receipt in the email. However, that if they have multiple sites, they will receive a receipt for EVERY SITE THEY OWN.



  • Blog Manager - Create, modify and delete blog posts.
  • Content Manager - Create, modify, and delete content/area pages.
  • Site Settings Manager - Modify site settings (logos, basic information, etc.)

Lead Manager


  • Agent
  • Lender

Advanced Permissions

  • Admin
  • Team leader
  • Notifications
  • Lead assignment removal
  • Delete leads
  • Export leads
  • Lead Source
  • EBlasts (this will only appear if your site is live and the drip is enabled)

How to Remove Users

Select the site you would like to modify, then select the user from the sidebar. Once you've opened the permissions page; simply click, “Remove User” on the right. It will remove that user's associations with that particular site. If that same user is a member of any other sites you may own, you'll need to repeat this process for all of the other sites.

: This will not DELETE a user. It will simply remove their permissions.

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