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-**__Email Integration__**+====== Email Integration ======
-1. Make gmail account if you do not have one already.+===== Sending Email From the CRM =====
-2. Sign in to your lead manager. "​Settings"​ tab --> "Email Integration"​.+Integrating ​your email with the lead manager ​just takes a few clicks of your mouse!
-3. Click the “Click here to link to gmail”+There are two methods for sending email from the Lead Manager:
 +  * Gmail Integration
 +  * Other SMTP settings
 +Use this feature to view emails you've sent and emails sent to you through the lead manager via your personal email address. ​ This email integration only sends information into your email account. ​ Emails sent to your email address will not be pulled into the lead manager to maintain your privacy.
-{{:​click_here.jpg?800|}}+==== How do I integrate my Gmail Account====
-4Select ​the email account ​you would like to use.+  - In your lead manager, go to Settings. 
 +  - Go to Email Integration. 
 +  - Press "​Setup"​ under the "​Sending Email From CRM" section.  
 +  - Choose "Link To Gmail"​ 
 +  - Select your email account. ​ 
 +  - Sign in and Allow permissions. 
-{{:​screencasts:​choose_account2.jpg?800|}}+==== What if I don't use Gmail====
-5. A permissions screen will appear.+Don't use gmail? ​ No problem ​Simply follow these steps:
 +  - In your lead manager, go to Settings.
 +  - Go to Email Integration.
 +  - Press "​Setup"​ under the "​Sending Email From CRM" section. ​
 +  - Chooose "Other SMTP"
 +  - Insert your email address and password in the fields provided and save.
 +{{:​lead_manager:​sending_email_smtp.png?​600|}} \\ 
 +The lead manager will automatically populate the SMTP settings based on the email address provided.  ​
-{{:​allow.jpg?800|}}+=== My SMTP settings were not correct===
-6. This is what the page should ​look like.+If you are sent to the screen below, then please check with your email provider ​what the correct Port should ​be. You will also want to confirm that the rest of the information (server name, protocol type) is correct.
 +===== Email Sync =====
-{{:end.jpg?800|}}+The Gmail/SMTP integration covers **sending** email from the lead manager, but that only saves half of the conversation in the Lead Manager. ​ If you would like to record lead's replies to your email along with emails you send to the lead **outside the Lead Manager** you should enable this Email Sync feature. 
 +  - Navigate to the [[https://​​settings/​email_integration|Email Integration]] setting scroll down to Email Sync and click "​Setup" ​{{ :lead_manager:​email_sync_setup.png?600 |}} 
 +  - The next page has some notes on this feature. Click the {{:​lead_manager:​email_sync_button.png?​100|sync email}} button 
 +  - After confirming you want to enable the feature you'll be asked to enter your name & email address and give (our integration provider) access. 
 +  - If everything connected smoothly the Email Sync box will turn green. 
 +Now that this is set up, emails you send or receive from a lead you are assigned to will get recorded in the lead's activity history, and in the "​Email"​ tab. 
 +**NOTE:** We do not record emails to leads that match the primary notification email for any user in your CRM. 
 +==== All Lead's Email ==== 
 +Admins & Team Leaders will see an extra setting that regular users do not have access to. Here you can choose to only record emails with leads you are assigned to or any lead in the CRM. You can change this at any time.  Simply changing the option automatically saves.{{:​email_sync_all_leads.png?​200|}} 
 +==== Things to Keep in Mind ==== 
 +* Emails recorded by this feature can sometimes take up to 5 minutes to show up in the Lead Manager 
 +* We highly recommend that you use your primary notification email with this feature 
 +* Emails to/from leads that share the same email as you or any other agent/​lender in your CRM will not be recorded 
 +* This feature will give [[https://​|]] full access to your email. If at any time you wish to stop this service, disable the Email Sync and [[https://​​|opt out]] of sharing information with them. 
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