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Real Geeks New Website To Do List

  1. Landscape Image for your site. The recommend size is in your welcome email. Making a Header Landscape Image
  2. Logo for top left of your website. To learn how, click here
  3. Must Watch Before Doing Anything:Setting Up Website for High Conversion 8-23-13 Jeff goes over best practices for setting up your Real Geeks IDX website pages for highest conversion rates. Q&A session after. Could save you thousands in marketing & help you earn millions in commissions!!!
  4. VERY IMPORTANT - Watch Screencasts on before you start adding/editing content on site.
  5. Set Up Auto Responder Email & Property Update Email Signature in admin.
  6. If you have someone helping you edit and add content please fill out our support form to let us know so we can set them up as a user or share your user name & password with them.
  7. VERY IMPORTANT - Fill out our support form when you are ready to go live and then read instructions on our docs here:
  8. Once your site is live you will access the back end of the site with the real URL NOT the dev URL. Example:

Important Things To Remember:

  • VERY IMPORTANT – When linking to another page within the site you only link using the slug with a forward slash at the beginning and end NOT the whole URL. Example: /selling/ (Please Watch Screencasts)
  • Edit Existing Sidebars to link to the pages you create. You can create additional sidebars if you want to get creative with your linking structure.
  • Edit Existing Default Footer with your information.
  • Edit Primary Top & Bottom Navigation links to the pages you create.
  • Edit or delete current Content pages and add your information. Delete any you do not want to edit.
  • Edit or Delete Area pages.
  • Add old URLs to the Redirects if you are renaming from an old site so they will 301 redirect to new pages. Only need to this if you are transferring from an old site that has a different URL structure.
  • Edit or Delete the About Page.
  • Edit or Delete existing Agents pages.
  • Use the File-Browser to Upload Photos (see Screencast -
  • Remember to choose a sidebar and footer when creating content and area pages.
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