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 +=====Welcome Overview=====
 +Now that you have a site with RealGeeks, you'll want to set it up to suit your needs and the needs of your potential leads.  
 +A welcome email has been sent to you.  This will contain the site-specific information you'll need to get started.
  After reviewing your email, login to the Accounts System.  There will be two icons next to your website'​s url.  Click on these to gain access to your Site Backend (administration panel for editing the content on your site) and Lead Manager (customer relationship management system).
 +After you have received approval from your MLS board, please Contact Us about Going Live.
 +====IDX Approval====
 +This is a requirement.
 +You will receive an email regarding having your Real Geeks' site approved 2-7 days after you sign up with us. 
 +Any IDX paperwork needs to be completed and sent to Lida.
 +Lida will submit the IDX form to the MLS board.
 +After the MLS approves your site, they will email us confirmation.
 +We will make the necessary changes. 
 +Make sure you check back with us to see if you have gained approval.
 +Your contact/​search widgets will not work without MLS approval!
 +====Before Going Live====
 +Before you go live, there are several tasks to take care of before potential leads will want to visit your site.  Some of these tasks include:
 +Create and upload a landscape image and logo to your File Browser. 
 +Configure your Auto Responder Email and property update email signature.
 +Set Up Accounts for any additional agents or assistants you may have working with you.
 +Do your pages have 200-300 words of original content?
 +Are you using Relative URLs?
 +Are your tracking codes installed? (optional)
 +Is your advanced search displaying fields customized for your area?
 +Are you utilizing Featured Property pages? Blogs? Market Reports?
 +Will you be using email through your domain? If so, have your MX Records been set?
 +====MX Records====
 +This needs to be set up if using email through your domain. 
 +Please let us know which e-mail provider you will be using for email through your domain by filling out our support form.  
 +If using Office 365, please send all MX records associated to your account.
 +We recommend using Google Apps for Work.
 +Test your email as soon as your site has gone live to ensure it was set up properly.
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