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Riley integration

Real Geeks can send leads to Riley and receive activity with the conversation Riley had with your lead.

How to connect

First go to your Riley account and click Integrations

Locate the Real Geeks integration and click Get UUID

You will be redirected to a page in Real Geeks asking you to grant permission to Riley can send leads to your site. If you have more than one site they will all be visible here

Enable your site to grant permissions

and click Save

Now you can see the Site UUID of your site. Copy that value and go back to Riley. Paste the value of your Site UUID into Riley, as show below:

and click Save

Make sure you also toggle the switch to forward new leads from Riley to Real Geeks

You're almost done. Riley is now able to send new leads and activities with the conversation history to Real Geeks. The next step is to make Real Geeks send leads to Riley.


Click Configure Destinations

Click in your Site

Locate Riley and click Connect. You will see the form below:

As Riley Account ID enter your email address.

You also have the option to bind this connection to a specific user, meaning only leads assigned to that user will be sent to Riley.

Make sure Active checkbox is checked and click Save

Now your Riley and Real Geeks integration is complete.

How to disconnect

If you cancel your Riley account you need to stop sending leads to Riley. This is very easy to do:

  1. Click Configure destinations
  2. Click on your site
  3. If you see Riley as one of the active destinations, click delete
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