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Accounts and User Management


The Real Geeks platform uses a single sign-on system that allows you to have just one account that can be used to login to every single Real Geeks service!

We have also included a “permissions” system that will allow site owners to modify the permissions of people that they would like to work on the backend of their site. You can also grant specific privileges to certain parts of the administration page to specific people.

What does "single sign-on" actually mean?

It would mean that if you logged into you could then just type in the address to your website administration page ( and you would be automatically logged in, and vice-versa.

How do permissions work?

You can login to, select your site from the list provided and then review permissions for users you've chosen to include on your site. If your user doesn't exist, you can simply create a new account for them. An email will be sent out with their login/credentials to the email you've included.

The same user may be added to multiple sites, just by typing in the same email address multiple times. They can have different permissions for every site you own.

What are the permissions someone can modify?

The permissions you may set for your users are:

  1. Facebook
    1. Admin
  2. Lead Manager
    1. Admin
    2. Enabled (If you uncheck this, they will no longer have access to log into their lead manager)
  3. Website
    1. Blog - The user may modify, add, or delete blog content on the page.
    2. Content - The user may modify, add, or delete website content.
    3. Craigslist - The user may submit Craigslist listings on your behalf.
    4. Settings - The user may modify site settings (phone number, logo, header image, etc.).

I'm still lost, what should I do?

Consult the Permissions and User Management Usage Guide.

Then, if it still is unclear to you how to get started, feel free to contact us via our new Real Geeks Support Form (

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