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-==== Agent ID ====+===== Agent ID =====
-If you want to run an ad to a page on your site that is not an agent landing page, and you want leads who register on that page to go to a specific agent, you can use the advanced ?agent_id feature.+Real Geeks offers ​you the ability ​to share a page or link in your marketing to drive traffic ​and have it delivered ​to a specific agent. ​
-If you are using the Real Geeks Facebook Ads Manager ​tool, this is built in and it will build your URLs for you if you use the Lead Assignment box:+This can be done in one of two ways:  
 +  - **Facebook Ads tool** 
 +  - **Using an Agent ID** 
 +===== Facebook Ads Tool ===== 
 +If you are using the Real Geeks Facebook Ads Manager, this is built-in and will automatically ​build your URL to assign any leads to a specific agent.  
 +Select your agent in the dropdown menu and continue with generating your ad (you can learn more about generating ads with the RG Facebook Tool [[facebook_marketing_tool|HERE]])
 {{::​single_property_ad_-_realgeeks_facebook_ads_manager.png?​800|}} {{::​single_property_ad_-_realgeeks_facebook_ads_manager.png?​800|}}
-If you are not using our Facebook tool, you can build the URLs by adding the agent_id= query string to the end of your web address. ​ But first, you will need to find the agent ID in the lead manager.  ​To do that, go to the user in the lead manager ​you want to send leads to and get it from the URL:+===== Finding your Agent ID ===== 
 +You (or your agents) ​can share a custom link with prospective leads by adding the ?agent_id ​feature at the end of any link you'd like to share in your marketing  
 +To do this, you will need to build the URL to include your agent’s ​agent ID. This can be found in your Lead Manager by (**KEEP IN MIND: Only admins/Site Owners can find these Agent ID'sYou can get your team's owner to help you find this if necessary**):​  
 +  - Go to​users 
 +  - Click the name of the agent who you want the leads to be delivered to 
 +  - Copy the 5-digit number located in your web address (it would look something like ''​​users/​47505/​edit''​ where “47505” is the agent ID)
-{{::​agent_id_lm_profile.jpg?600|}}+{{ :user_id.png?600 |}}
-Then, you can add ?agent_id=123 to the end of the URL, where 123 is the agent ID you got from the lead manager.+Once you have found your Agent ID in the CRMthen you will need to add ''​?agent_id=<​agent-id>''​ at the end of the website link you are trying to shareBelow are some common examples of how this is accomplished
-Here are a few examples:+===== Common Scenarios =====
-  -​agent_id=123 - Homepage +===Link to your Homepage === 
-  ​- http://​​property/​201617847/?​agent_id=123 - Property ​page +  * Sending prospective clients this link can introduce your leads to the website 
-  ​-​property/​201617847/?​view&​agent_id=123 Property ​page with agent ID and property landing page lead capture +  * **Example Link:** ''​​agent_id=47505''​ 
-  ​-​search/​results/?​island=Oahu&​agent_id=123 - search results with agent ID+=== Link to a Single Property === 
 +  ​* Agents can use the following link to share their listings with prospective clients or in their own advertisements in order to ensure that the leads are delivered to them properly''​''​ 
 +  * **Example Link:** ''​​property/​201617847/?​agent_id=47505''​ 
 +=== Link to a specific property landing ​page (unable to view property without signing up first) === 
 +  ​* Landing Pages allow you to block off information and requires your lead signs up before viewing the content behind it. This is a great way to require capture to prevent leads from taking information and moving to another service or agent (You can learn more about this process [[property_landing_pages|HERE]])  
 +  * **Example Link:** ''​​property/​201617847/?​view&​agent_id=47505''​ 
 +=== Link to a list of Search Results === 
 +  * Sending Leads to a pre-performed search results ​page gives the prospective leads options. Use this feature to provide your clients ​with a search in their preferred area:  
 +  ​* **Example Link:** ''​​search/​results/?​island=Oahu&​agent_id=47505''​
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