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Custom Seller Valuation Tool 

1. Go to the Site Backend > Valuation pages

2. Select “Add valuation page“

3. Add the Anchor Text / Page Name. This is how your page will appear as a hyperlink

4. Add the Slug. This is the last part of your new page’s URL. This is the URL you will use when linking this page on your website.

5. Fill out the Landing Page Attributes to your specifications. Refer to the diagram below for clarification on where each of the items will appear on the page. Meta Description and Meta Keywords will not show on the page. The Meta Description will tell the users what page is about. It is also the snippet that Google will usually use in search engine results. Meta Keywords are words that describe your page. It provides more context about what your page is about and may have additional meaning for social media.

6. Select a Background Image. Choose one of our available images or upload a custom image. The recommended image size is 800×1300 pixels and 700KB.

7. Select Save.

8. You can access this custom seller valuation page by going to the URL for your site and adding the slug of the page to the end of the URL. Use this link to link to the page from internal and external sites.

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