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Creating Instagram Ads

Using the Real Geeks Facebook Ads Tool, you can also create Instagram ads that will allow you to target a separate platform that may help you generate leads from another source.

Connect Instagram to Facebook

Before being able to create Instagram ads through the Facebook tool, you will want to make sure your Instagram account is linked directly to your Facebook. You can do this through your Facebook Business Manager or your Business Page.

Both Instagram and Facebook have documents that can help you to link these accounts:

How to Create Instagram Ads

Creating ads to advertise on Instagram is the same process for creating an ad on Facebook, but with one additional addon during the creation of the ad. Check out the following video or follow these steps to see how you can create ads on Instagram via our Facebook tool:

1. Head over to the Real Geeks Facebook Tool at

2. Select the ad type you would like to create.

3. Create your ad including adding your page link, your Top Main Creative, and your other ad details.

4. To see what your ad would look like on Instagram, you can change the Preview option to show “Instagram Feed” or “Instagram Story”.

5. Click “Preview” to see what your audience will see on Instagram.

6. To show your ad on Instagram, select “Show Advanced Options” in your Campaign Options and select Instagram.

7. Here, you can choose whether you want to display the ad on your Instagram Story or Feed.

8. Next, select the account that you'd like to show your ad through.

9. Give your ad a name and click Create!

**If you experience any issues with trying to create your Instagram ads, feel free to reach out to our support team by calling (844)311-4969 Option 2 or emailing and we're happy to help!

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