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Seller Leads Generation Tool Set-up and Requirements

Below you can find our step-by-step checklist followed by a quick walk-through video to help you get started in setting up the Real Geeks Seller Leads Generation Tool.

Downloadable Checklist Here: checklist_seller_leads_tool_.pdf


1. Enable and Configure the Tool in your Site Backend

  • Site backend > Seller Leads Generation Tool ­ Settings > select Enable & Configure

2. Locate and Copy Landing Page URL

  • The URL allows you the ability to link the tool in your sidebars/navigation/home page.

3. Set Up your Autoresponder Email Templates and Signature

  • Automated Home Valuation Is Shown AND No Automated Home Valuation Is Shown

4. Review and Edit Landing Page Attributes

  • Such as: page title, description, meta keywords and example address

5. Choose or Upload Landing Page Image

6. How to Locate Seller Leads Home Valuation Widget

7. Watch Our Detailed Seller Leads “How to” Video

8. Set Up Property Valuation Lead Assignment * Lead Manager, Settings Tab > Lead Assignment > Property Valuation tab


  • If you embed your Seller Lead widget tool, ONCE LIVE you'll be able to view this feature.
  • If you enabled the Text Feature in Lead Manager, make sure you add an autoresponder for this lead source.

Quick Walk-through Video

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