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CRM Lead Manager Checklist & Set Up Requirements

Quick Walk-through Video

Below you can find our step-by-step checklist to help you get started with the Real Geeks Lead Manager.

Downloadable Checklist Here: checklist_lead_manager.pdf


1. Adding Users and Set Up (as an Admin)

  • Users > New User
  • A temporary password and username will be sent to the user via email. This password will only be accessible by the user. Click here for additional information.

2. Configuring Email Integration and Email Sync

  • Settings > Email Integration
  • Click here for additional information

3. Setting up Templates for Email and Text SMS Messaging

  • Settings > Templates
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need to do this for EACH agent that wants to receive text notifications.

4. Setting up Lead Assignment for Agents and Lenders

  • Settings > Lead Assignment

5. Enable Text Messaging

  • Settings > Text Messaging
  • Click here for additional information.

6. Setting up Third Party Integrations

  • Settings > Third Party Integration

7. Adding Leads and Creating New Lead Sources

  • Leads > New
  • Here you can do a bulk lead import, add an agent, and create a new lead source
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